Organizational Advisory Expertise

In our role as advisors we aim to provide clients with the expertise and tools to attract and retain their core asset – their employees – while reducing reliance on external recruiters.

Culture and Team Performance

Every company has its own ecosystem, and one is not necessarily better than another. The critical element is that the employees fit and work well in this ecosystem, and that communication exists between leaders and employees. To quantify this fit, we conduct a comprehensive Culture and Talent Assessment consisting of in-person cross-company surveys. This information about employees' experiences at the company allows us to identify patterns of strengths and weaknesses around communication, employee engagement, learning, and support. Alternatively, we can offer training to existing team members to elicit the same feedback internally. Following data analysis, we will help develop and implement programs tailored to the company to increase employee engagement throughout the firm. An engaged employee is always the most effective recruiter.

Employee Retention

Keeping top performing employees engaged is critical. As a follow-up to the Culture and Talent Assessment, or as a separate service, we communicate with key employees on a quarterly basis to facilitate dialogue between employees and leadership. This frequent communication allows leadership to proactively address issues before they are beyond repair. In addition, we will evaluate companies that are able to automate this data gathering through the use of online questionnaires. In lieu of 360º surveys, we utilize superior culture and employment engagement measurements with customizable questions and real-time results.

Business Development

We help businesses develop in a variety of ways, including:

  • The development of information channel(s) for new data sources including venture funds, incubators, data brokers, and data companies with the goal of developing an alternative data pipeline
  • Utilizing our internal market intelligence Wiki/Report. This is continuously updated with intelligence around PNL, markets, and investment information
  • Assistance on PM/team due diligence
  • Independent assessment of culture and team ‘fit’ on an on-demand basis

Recruitment Process

Whether helping clients create communication channels that optimize recruitment and retention efforts, or simply reviewing their pre-screening assessment practices, IA offers an array of recruiting expertise through our comprehensive advisory services. On the recruitment side, we help clients boost the quality of candidates, improve in-house assessment processes, and reduce reliance on external recruiting firms. The retention strategies and practices we help establish ensure that corporate expectations and goals remain in alignment with those of their professionals.

Market Strategy

Firms are often eager to get into new markets or products—so eager that many times this is done quickly and without proper due diligence. IA works with management teams to assess new business ideas, and examine and answer the hard questions, such as: Why do you want to move into this space? What is involved in the buildout? How much will it cost to build the business? Is the technology transferable or is a new technology stack needed?

Organizational Advisory Expertise